Dark Legacy: The City of Dallas, Texas

In an alternate earth, humans, elves, and other races. Who fought for thousands of years, against the dark elves, orcs, tieflings and Shadar-kai, Set in the Present.
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 Character: Darj'Tera

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PostSubject: Character: Darj'Tera   Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:09 am

A Very Tall, lean and powerful looking biker woman, with alabaster skin, and She has untamed red hair. Her eyes are an jade green color, her lips are full and red as her hair. She is a daughter of the land of the Gaels. She carries a great axe and carries little gear. She wears a banner and signet ring showing the order of "add name later" she is a knight of.

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Character: Darj'Tera
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