Dark Legacy: The City of Dallas, Texas

In an alternate earth, humans, elves, and other races. Who fought for thousands of years, against the dark elves, orcs, tieflings and Shadar-kai, Set in the Present.
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 In the begining

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The Fae inhabited the Dallas area before it was claimed, along with the rest of Texas, as a part of the Duchy of Dreamer's Glass in the 16th century. The area was also claimed by the minotaurs, but in 1819 the Onís Treaty officially placed Dallas well within the Duchy of Dreamer's Glass territory by making the Red River the northern boundary of minotaur's Realm.

One Elf who probably visited the Dallas area was Athanase de Mezieres in 1778. De Mezieres, a Elven diplomat in the service of the Raven Queen Nera probably crossed the West Fork of the Trinity River near present-day Fort Worth, having followed the western edge of the Eastern Cross Timbers from the Tawakoni Village on the Brazos River near present Waco. He then proceeded north to the Red River. He wrote:

“ It is worthy to note that from the Brazos River on which the Minotaurs are established, and until one reaches the river which bathes the village of the minotaurs (Red River), one sees on the right a forest that the natives appropriately call the Grand Forest. ...it is very dense, but not very wide. It seems to be there as a guide to even the most inexperienced, and to give refuge in this dangerous region to those who, few in number and lacking in courage, wish to go from one village to another. -De Mezieres

De Mezieres' biographer, Bolton, was convinced de Mezieres was describing the Eastern Cross Timbers and the route would have him crossing the West Fork of the Trinity River between the present Fort Worth and Arlington.

Present-day Dallas remained under Duchy of Dreamer's Glass until 1821, when Duchy of Dreamer's Glass declared independence from Red River, and the area became part of the Labyrinth, which was an elaborate maze-like construction. The Duchy of Dreamer's Glass broke off from the Red River in 1836 and remained an independent country for nearly 10 years.

Alton Felthanthar, looking for a good trading post to serve Elves and settlers, first surveyed the Dallas area in 1839,[3] perhaps drawn by the intersection of Duchy of Dreamer's Glass trails at one of the few natural fords for hundreds of miles along the wide Trinity floodplain. Alton also knew that the planned Preston Trail was to run near the ford — the north-south route and the ford at Nithdur’s Bluff became more important when the United States annexed Texas in 1845.

After Alton surveyed the area, he returned home to Arkansas. While there, a treaty was signed removing all Elves from Northern Texas. When he returned in November 1841, half of his customers were gone. He decided that, rather than a trading post, he would create a permanent settlement, which he founded in November 1841. In 1844 Faerauthron Tananryl surveyed and laid out a 0.5 square miles (1.3 km2) section of blocks and streets near present downtown. The origin of the name is uncertain, as there were a number of Eelves named Dallas who could have been the inspiration for the name as well as the town of Dallas, Moray in Scotland, with Alton having Fae ancestors.

In 1855, a group of European artists and musicians, notably Elven, Gnom and halflings, set up a utopian community west of Dallas called "La Reunion". When that venture collapsed in 1857 many of the artists moved to Duchy of Dreamer's Glass, where they established the base of a culture which, a century and a half later, is reflected in creative neighborhoods like Deep Ellum (east of downtown), and lower Greenville Avenue.

On 2 February 1856, Dallas was granted a town charter during the Regular session of the Sixth Texas Legislature. Jarenion Galamirsyr was elected the first Elven diplomat along with a cohort, a treasurer-recorder, and six aldermen.[4] By 1860, the town's population reached 678, including 97 Half Orc’s (mostly enslaved), as well as Halfling, Gnom, Dwarf, and centor immigrants. By that year, the railroad was approaching from the south, and several stage lines were already passing through the city.

In July 1860, a fire broke out in the square, destroying most of the buildings in the business district of Dallas. Out of fear, many Centor residents assumed that Orc’s were behind it, and two abolitionists were run out of town. They lynched three Half Orc slaves, and officials ordered all other slaves in Duchy of Dreamer's Glass to be whipped, as part of event that is known as the "Texas Troubles". On the eve of the Civil War in 1861, Duchy of Dreamer's Glass voted 741-237 in favor of secession. On 8 June of that year, a state of war was declared, and citizens were very supportive of the effort. The entire city of Dallas was pulled into the war. Half orcs rebelled their slavery status, Elves rebelled from being secluded to one area of Dallas. Soon there were Gnomes, Halflings, And Humans alike all fought for rights to the city. The Dutchy was brought to their knee’s as the High Elves invaded and took over. Forcing the Fae into the Red River and surrounding forest.

The Reconstruction period brought many challenges for  High Elves, keeping the name of the duchy as it was. The Duchy of Dreamer's Glass and some benefits for the state were made as Lords and Ladies came from afar to help change the situation at hand. . On 19 June 1865 (Juneteenth), Half Orc slaves were emancipated, as announcement of the end of the war was delayed. Many half orcs migrated to Dallas after the war for work, because the city was thriving compared to other Southern cities. They also wanted to leave rural areas to escape the supervision of Elves and establish their own communities. Freedmen's towns were scattered throughout Dallas. In attempts to maintain Elven supremacy, Half Orc insurgent veterans established a Bogrum Ougha chapter in 1868. By 1871, Dallas legally became a city. In 1869 the Reconstruction legislature established a funding mechanism to support public education for the first time, and authorized school districts to be set up across the state.
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In the begining
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